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Cellcraeft’s patented product, cell reinforcement uses geometric shapes of thin metal sheets to form a range of reinforcement products currently used in markets such as masonry, concrete and road production industries.

The cell reinforcement products include:

ringrow_iconThe three-dimensional structure of Cell reinforcement creates unique technical advantages compared to traditional reinforcement:

Cell reinforcement absorbs the pressure from the surrounding material and distributes the force lengthwise. Its compact formation increases the thermodynamic features in concrete. The tough construction spread the fractions equally on the surface of the concrete, preventing deep cracking.


HIGHER SUSTAINABILITY In respect to the product, production, logistics and implementation using less amount of steel and easy handling processes.
COST EFFICIENCY Less maintenance and work required
ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLINESS sing less amount of steel for constructions in comparison with traditional reinforcement.
ERGONOMIC USAGE being a lightweight solution providing the same resistance with less material and timesavings up to 50% during the implementation process. Less work, easier handling.