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Build the future

“The world doesn’t create itself, we have to help each other in order to progress. This is a large market, there are many things to be done and there is a place for everyone to contribute. We are constantly looking for new perspectives and views to develop for the future.”

When establishing Cellfab in 2011 the cell reinforcement was just another innovation. The product had to be concretized to be used as an application. During this development, strong relationships were created with businesses in Sweden and globally, resulting in onsite applications of our products.

In 2012 the goal to complete calculations to ease application was fulfiled. During 2013 the focus was to implement the products for the “small house”-market where the need has been the greatest. Being able to prove our assumptions of the cell reinforcement applications with successful results, the company has now been established on the global market.

We are looking forward to the year of 2014 and keep in mind that the keys to Cellcraeft exceeding its goals have been hard work, strong team, successful collaborations and long-term realistic targets. Working with its partners to further develop the products for new markets, there is always a place for anyone to add to the development. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Cellfab.